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Manurep Sales is your source for filtration and heat exchanger sales and servicing. We do conventional filters, automated filters, and a wide range of heat exchangers through our brands; K Factor Filter, Townsend Tool & Machine, MSIHEX, and Heat Exchanger Ontario.

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The K Factor Filter is a fully automatic and self-cleaning industrial liquid filtration system, engineered and designed to remove solids from liquids in a variety of manufacturing settings including agriculture, automotive, cleaning, pulp & paper, and many more.

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TM Steel provides on-site consultation, engineering design and installation to meet all of your steel fabrication needs. As proud members of both CWB – Canadian Welding Bureau and TSSA – Technical Standards & Safety Authority, we have been providing the utmost Customer Service since 1998.


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For over 42 years, Townsend Tools & Machine has provided customers with quality custom machining, maintenance, fabrications, and other industrial solutions. ISO 9002:2008 registered, TTM offers bearing and sprocket repair, replacement, assembly & disassembly.

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Heat Exchanger Ontario is the industry leader in servicing all makes of heat exchangers and gaskets. Rely on us to diagnose, service, repair, or replace your systems even if they aren’t our products.

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Manurep Sales Vision

To be recognized as the most admired industrial filtration solutions provider world-wide.

Manurep Sales Mission

At Manurep Sales Inc., simplicity is a belief. Our experts are continuously researching and improving our products and services and introducing world-class innovative solutions to ensure our customers’ expectations are met time and time again.

Manurep Sales Core Values

  • “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” because simple solutions reflect the deepest understanding
  • Always imagine – Imagination is free, so let your imagination loose, the stars are the limit
  • Always innovate
  • Never stop learning
  • The customer decides – always think about the customer every step of your way
  • Master the details
  • Teamwork makes the dream work
  • Always start with and ask about the WHY
  • Always question yourself first, the buck stops with you
  • Quality starts with you, and ends with you
  • People are the most valuable asset
  • Always think
  • Problems stop with you, never pass them on
  • Work can be fun, so have fun at work